Pragmatic Nihilism

Pragmatic Nihilism is a perspective on (health) psychology that facilitates dynamic theoretical integration, eclectic behavior change research and practice, and aims to help develop more effective behavior change interventions.

The paper is part of a debate, with very interesting and valuable commentaries. Unlike the original paper, these are not 'Gold Open Access', but those that have been made available through the green route (i.e. self-archived by the authors) will be linked to here. The original paper as well as the commentaries have been published in Health Psychology Review.

Pragmatic Nihilism has been extended to behavior change methods/techniques as well. In this perspective, Evolutionary Learning Processes (ELPs) have been proposed as the foundation of behavior change. These ELPs have a lower level of psychological aggregation than Behavior Change Techniques (BCTs) or Behavior Change Methods (BCMs), representing the smallest presently known components of behavior change interventions (the closest thing to irreducible components of interventions, so to speak). This paper is now also available: